HBSE 7th Class English Solutions Honeycomb Chapter 9 A Bicycle in Good Repair

Haryana Board 7th Class English Solutions Honeycomb Chapter 9 A Bicycle in Good Repair

HBSE 7th Class English A Bicycle in Good Repair Textbook Questions and Answers

Comprehension Check

Question 1.
“ I got up early, for me.” It implies that
(i) he was an early riser.
(ii) he was a late riser.
(iii) he got up late that morning.
Mark the correct answer.
(ii) he was a late riser.

Question 2.
The bicycle “goes easily enough in the morning and a little stiffly after lunch.” The remark is ________.
(i) humorous.
(ii) inaccurate.
(iii) sarcastic.
(iv) enjoyable.
(v) meaningless.
Mark your choice (s).
(iii) sarcastic.

HBSE 7th Class English Solutions Honeycomb Chapter 9 A Bicycle in Good Repair

Question 3.
The friend shook the bicycle violently. Find two or three sentences in the text which express the author’s disapproval of it.

  • I said “Don’t do that; you’ll hurt it”
  • felt as if much as I should had he started whacking my dog.
  • Before I could shop him he had unscrewed something somewhere.

Question 4.
“…if not, it would make a serious difference to the machine.” What does ‘it’ refer to?
“It refers to the screws which had been opened by the author’s friends.

Working With The Text

Answer the following questions :

Question 1.
Did the front wheel really wobble?
What is your opinion. Give a reason for your answer?
No, the bicycle was in perfect position. The front wheel did not wobble. It was his Mend who had caught laid of the front Wheel and Shook it. The author had also but upset near shaking of it.

Question 2.
In What condition did the author find the bicycle when he returned from the tool shed?
The author was shocked on returning from the tool shed. He found that his friend was sitting on the ground with the front Wheel be-tween his legs. He was moving it between his fingers.

Question 3.
“Nothing is easier than taking off the gear-case.” Modify this sentence in the light of what actually happens.
Actually the author wanted that his friend should not take off the gear-case. He tried to stop him because he had learnt that buying of new one was easier.

HBSE 7th Class English Solutions Honeycomb Chapter 9 A Bicycle in Good Repair

Question 4.
What special treatment did the chain receive?
The chain could also not be saved from the treatment of author’s friend. He took off the gear case to take out the chain. He tightened it till it would not move and then he loosened it. In this way chain got very loose.

Question 5.
The friend has two qualities he knows what he is doing and is absolutely sure it is good. Find the two phrases in the text which mean the same.
He said, “People talk like that who un-derstand nothing about machines. Nothing is easier than taking off a gear case.”

Question 6.
Describe ‘the fight’ between the man and the machine. Find the relevant sentences in the text and write them.
The man was very adamant to put the bicycle in a right position. He took out the part of the wheel and was playing with it. He un-screwed the screws and dozen little balls rolled all over. He made the gear-case in two pieces. He tightened the screws till they would not move and then loosened them. To refix the gear he stood the bicycle against the house to work from both sides. He did so, till it lost balance.

  • Then he lost his temper and tried bullying the thing.
  • One moment the bicycle would be on the gravel path and he on the top of it.
  • By a sudden, quick movement it would free itself and tiring upon him, hit him sharply over the head with one of its handles.’

HBSE 7th Class English A Bicycle in Good Repair Important Questions and Answers

Question 1.
Why did the author get up early in the morning?
The author got up early in the morning because he and his friend had decided to go for a bicycle ride.

Question 2.
What did author’s friend ask him when he arrived?
Author’s friend asked him how the author’s bicycle ran.

Question 3.
What had the experienced friend of the narrator told the author?
The experienced friend of the author had told the author that if anything goes wrong with gearcase, it is better to sell the machine and buy a new one.

Question 4.
How did the iron halls get scattered?
The narrator’s friend took the front wheel off the fork and held it between his legs. He found fault with the bearings. He set about repairing the machine. He unscrewed it and the little iron balls rolled away.

Question 5.
How did author’s bicycle get ruined?
The author told his friend that his bicycle goes a little stuffy after lunch. The friend took it other way. He showed that he knew much about the machine.
→ The friend took off the front wheel of the bicycle. He got all of ball bearings, out. Five of the balls got lost when he was refixing the wheel. He accepted that it would make a serious difference in the machine.

→ The friend took off the front wheel of the bicycle. He got all of ball bearings out. Five of the balls got lost when he was refixing the wheel. He accepted that it would make a serious difference in the machine.

→ He started doing his experiments with the chain of the bicycle. First, he made it so tight that it could not more. He then tried to make it loose and it was now twice as loose as before.

→ He had already taken out the gearcase. The gear box was broken into two pieces. Then they fixed the wheel but had forgotten the balls. The wheel was refixed. It was now in a wobbling state. The friend now failed to refix the gearbox. The bicycle was completely damaged.

HBSE 7th Class English Solutions Honeycomb Chapter 9 A Bicycle in Good Repair

Question 6.
Why could the author not stop his friend from destroying his bicycle? How did he react when the bicycle got damaged?
The author’s friend pretended that he had great skill in repairing the parts of the bicycle. The author tried to stop his friend from troubling the parts of the bicycle. It had no effect on his friend. The friend also declared that the bearings were all wrong. The cycle was all damaged by his friend. The author was sad at heart. However, he made a sarcastic remark that he appreciated the friend’s confidence and hopefulness.

Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ)

Tick (✓) the correct option :

Question 1.
Why had the friend come to narrator’s house?
(а) to repair his bicycle
(b) to go for a long bicycle-ride
(c) to chat with him
(d) to play cricket with him
(b) to go for a long bicycle-ride

2. Noun of ‘propose’ is ________.
(а) proposal
(b) purpose
(c) preposition
(d) none of these
(а) proposal

3. What impression do you form about the friend?
(a) The friend was a confused and nervous person.
(b) The friend was a true friend in real term.
(c) The friend was over-confident of his skill in repairing a bicycle.
(d) The friend paid attention to the narrator’s words.
(c) The friend was over-confident of his skill in repairing a bicycle.

4. The lesson describes the fight between ________.
(a) narrator and his friend
(b) parts of machine
(c) man and machine
(d) all of these
(c) man and machine

5. Where did the author send his friend for changing himself?
(a) back kitchen
(b) backyard
(c) verandah
(d) bathroom
(a) back kitchen

HBSE 7th Class English Solutions Honeycomb Chapter 9 A Bicycle in Good Repair

Make Sentences

Use the following words in sentences of your own:
(i) at length
(ii) proposed
(iii) violently
(iv) hurt
(v) triumph
(vi) lost his
(vii) position.
(i) At length: At length, the bride’s make up was complete and she was ready for the wedding.
(ii) Proposed: He proposed a new play to increase the profit of the business.
(iii) Violently: He violently killed his partner for being dishonest in business.
(iv) Hurt: He hurt the feelings of his lame friend by calling him a handicapped.
(v) Triumph: Ashoka stops fighting after his triumph in Kalinga’s war.
(vi) Lost his temper : My father lost his temper when he came to know about his clerk’s dishonesty.
(vii) Position : My brother secured the first position in the text as a result of his hardwork and dedication.

A Bicycle in Good Repair Passages for Comprehension

Read the passages given below carefully and answer the questions that follow :


I got ……………………… it run?”
Questions :
(i) Why did ‘I’ get up early?
(ii) For what purpose had ‘lie’ come?
(iii) What does ‘machine’ refer to?
(iv) Choose a word which meanings antonym of ‘ugly’.
Answers :
(i) ‘I’ get up early as a man had proposed to go for a ride together.
(ii) ‘He’ had come to go for a ride together.
(iii) ‘Machine’ refers to bicycle.
(iv) Lovely.


I did ………………………. my dog.
(i) What does ‘it’ refer to?
(ii) How did ‘I’ feel?
(iii) What does this act of ‘his’ show about his nature
(iv) Choose the word which means to ‘hit hard’.
(i) ‘It’ refers to wheel.
(ii) ‘I’ felt as if his dog was being whacked.
(iii) It shows that he is lunatic.
(iv) Whacking


I went beside him.
(i) Why did ‘I’ go to the tool shed?
(ii) What did’I’find on returning.
(iii) What was ‘he’ doing with the front wheel?
(iv) Choose the word which means ‘left over part’.
(i) T went to the tool shed to find some tools.
(ii) T found on returning that he was sitting on the ground with the front wheel between his legs.
(iii) ‘He’ was playing with the front wheel by moving it between his finger.’
(iv) Remnant.


We grovelled …………………… I admit.
(i) What does sixteen refer to?
(ii) What difference did they think it would make?
(iii) Which act of ‘I’ was not sensible?
(iv) Choose a word which means ‘to be prostrate.
(i) Sixteen refers to the screws.
(ii) It would not let the machine run smoothly.
(iii) ‘I’ had put them for safety in the hat which could wobble any time.
(iv) Grovelled.

HBSE 7th Class English Solutions Honeycomb Chapter 9 A Bicycle in Good Repair


I had ……………………… screws disappeared.
(i) What had ‘I’ to confess?
(ii) How had the gear-case come to be in two pieces?
(iii) What was a mystery?
(iv) Choose a word which means to ‘acknowledge’.
(i) ‘I’ had to confess that he was right in saying that nothing was easier than taking off a gear-case.
(ii) The man had broken the gear-case in two pieces.
(iii) It was mystery to know where the screws disappeared
(iv) Confess.


I said ……………………… me good.”
(i) What was T enjoying watching?
(ii) What confidence did he show?
(iii) Which things did the author feel do good?
(iv) Choose the word which means “that cannot be explained”.
Answers :
(i) ‘I’ enjoyed watching fix the screws.
(ii) He exercised the skill with a lot of confidence.
(iii) The author felt that confidence and inexplicable hopefulness did him good.
(iv) Inexplicable.


Now he ……………………… its handles.
(i) What does word ‘Now’ indicate?
(ii) What gave him the sense of victory?
(iii) Why did he take such a quick movement?
(iv) Choose the word which means ‘victory’.
(i) Word ‘Now’ indicates that again and again he was changing his position.
(ii) He felt as if he had put all the parts of machine together.
(iii) He wanted to show his skill.
(iv) Triumph.

The Story of Cricket Translation in Hindi

Before you read
If you ……………………….. to nothing?
पढ़ने से पहले
अगर आप साइकल पर लम्बी यात्रा पर जाना चाहते हैं तो साइकल की स्थिति अच्छी होनी चाहिए। अगर हो सके तो एक निपुण मिस्त्री से जाँच करानी चाहिए। पर क्या होगा अगर मशीन की अपनी मर्जी है और मिस्त्री इस बारे में कुछ नहीं जानता।

Word Meaning : Mechanic-a skilled person = मिस्त्री, Over haul-To repair = मरम्मत।

1. A man it run?”
एक शाम को एक जानने वाले व्यक्ति ने सुझाव रखा कि हम अगले दिन इकटे साइकिल चलाने चलेंगे और मैंने स्वीकार कर लिया। मैं जल्दी सो कर उठ गया। मैंने कोशिश की और मैं अपने
आप से ख़श था। वह आधा घंटा देरी से आया। मैं उसका बगीचे में इतंजार कर रहा था। मौसम सुहावना था। उसने कहा, “तुम्हारी मशीन देखने में सुन्दर है। वह कैसे चलती है ?”

Word Meaning : Proposed-to put forward a plan = सुझाव देना, Effort-to try = कोशिश, Pleasedhappy = खुश।

2. “Oh, like after lunch.”
He caught ………………… it violently.
I said ………………….. hurt it.”
“ओह, (और मशीनों की तरह ही)।” मैंने जवाब मे कहा “सुबह बहुत आसानी से; दोपहर के भोजन के बाद कुछ सख्त हो जाती है।
उसने मशीन को आगे के पहिए से पकड़कर और चिमटे को जोर से हिलाया।
मैंने कहा, “ऐसा मत करो, तुम उसे नुकसान पहुंचा दोगे।”

Word Meaning : Fork-pronged instrument = चिमटा, Violently-very hastly = बहुत तेजी से।

3. I did …………………………………. my dog.
He said ………………… a wobble.
मुझे समझ नहीं आया कि वह उसे क्यों हिला रहा था जबकि उसने उसके साथ कुछ नहीं किया था। इसके अलावा अगर उसे हिलाने की जरूरत थी तो हिलाने के लिए मैं सही व्यक्ति था। मुझे ऐसा लगा जैसे कि उसने मेरे कुत्ते को जोर से चोट दी है।
उसने कहा, “आगे का पहिया हिलता है।”
मैंने कहा, अगर तुम इसे न हिलाओ तो वह नही हिलता।” वह बिल्कुल नहीं हिलता था, वास्तव में कुछ भी हिलने जैसी चीज न थी।

Word Meaning : Whacking-resounding hard blow = जोर से चोट देना, Wobbles To move = हिलना।

4. He said ……………………….. beside him.
उसने कहा, यह खतरनाक है, क्या तुम्हारे पास हथौड़ा है ?” मुझे दृढ़ रहना चाहिए पर मुझे लगा शायद वह वास्तव में इस बारे में कुछ जानता होगा। मैं औजारों की जगह ढूँढने गया। जब मैं वापिस आया तो वह अपनी टाँगों के बीच में अगला पहिया फंसा कर बैठा था। वह उसके साथ खेल रहा था। वह उसे अपनी अंगुली में उमेठ रहा था। उस मशीन के बचे हुए पुर्जे उसके साथ पथरीले रास्ते पर पड़े थे।

Word Meaning: Firm-strong = दृढ़, Twiddling-to twist the fingers = अंगुली उमेठना, Remnant-leftover remains = अवशेष, पुर्जे Gravel-full of stones = पथरी।

5. He said ……………………………. get off.” He said …. ………. by accident.
उसने कहा, “मुझे ऐसा प्रतीत होता है जैसे कि यंत्र के सारे भाग गलत जुड़े हैं।” मैंने कहा, “अपने आप को और परेशान मत करो, तुम अपने आप को थका दोगे। चलो हम इसे, वापिस रख कर चले।”
उसने कहा, “अब बाहर निकाला है तो परेशानी का कारण देख लेते हैं।” वह ऐसे बोला जैसे कि अचानक किसी कारण वह बाहर निकला हो।

HBSE 7th Class English Solutions Honeycomb Chapter 9 A Bicycle in Good Repair

Word Meaning : Bearings-shaft = यंत्र के भाग जहाँ गति होती है,Dropped-to make fall = गिराना।

6. Before I ……………………….. little balls. “Catch ’em!” ……… about thein.
इससे पहले कि मैं उसे रोक पाता उसने किसी के कहीं पेंच खोल दिए थे, और पूरे रास्ते में दर्जनों छोटी-छोटी गोलियाँ (बेरिंग के अन्दर के छर्रे) फैली हुई थीं।
“पकड़ो! वह चिल्लाया, पकड़ो।” “हमें कोई भी नहीं खोनी। वह उनके बारे में बहुत उत्सुक था।

Word Meaning : Unscrewed-open the screw = पेंच खोलना, Excited-in great spirit = उत्साहपूर्वक।

8. We grovelled …………………. I admit.
हम आधे घंटे तक सिर नीचे कर के घूमते रहे, और सोलह ढूँढ लिए। उसने कहा कि वह आशा करता है अगर उन्हें सारे मिल जाते, क्योंकि अगर नहीं, तो मशीन को बहुत गम्भीर फर्क पड़ेगा। मैंने उन्हें अपनी टोपी में सुरक्षापूर्वक रख दिया। यह करना समझदारी की बात नहीं थी, मैंने स्वीकार किया।

Word Meaning : Grovelled-to lie prostrate = सिर नीचे करना, Hoped-wish for = आशा।

9. He then ………………… comes cheaper.”
उसने कहा कि जब वह यह कर रहा है तो वह मेरे लिए चेन को देख लेगा, और एकदम उसने गियर को निकालना शुरू कर दिया। मैंने उसे रोकने की कोशिश की। मैंने उससे बताया कि एक बार मेरे अनुभवी दोस्त ने औपचारिकता से कहा, अगर तुम्हारे गियर के साथ कुछ गलत हो जाए तो मशीन को बेच कर नई खरीद लेना, यह सस्ता रहेगा।

Word Meaning : Chain-belt = जंजीर, GearCase-a thorny wheel on which the chain is move = गियर, Dissuade-to stop = रोकना, Experienced-With experience = अनुभवी, solemnly-Sacred = औपचारिका

10. He said ……………………agear-case.” I had. ………………… screws disappeared.
उसने कहा, “जो लोग ऐसा बोलते हैं वह मशीन के बारे में कुछ नहीं समझते। गियर निकालने से आसान कुछ नहीं है।”
मुझे स्वीकार करना पड़ा कि वह ठीक था। पाँच मिनट से कम में उपकरण यंत्र दो हिस्सों में हो गया, और पेंच ढूँढने के लिए रास्ते में झुका हुआ लेटा हुआ था। उसने कहा कि यह उसके लिए हमेशा रहस्य था जिस तरह से पेंच गायब हुए।

Word Meaning Confessacknowledgement= स्वीकारोक्ति, Mystery-secretरहस्य, Disappeared-To vanish = गायब।

11. Common sense ……………….thegate!’
But I am weak when it comes to hurting other people’s feelings, and I let him muddle on.
मेरी सामान्य समझ मेरे कानों में कुछ फुसफुसा रही थी, “उसको रोको, इससे पहले कि वह कोई और शरारत करे। तुम्हारे पास अपनी संपत्ति को एक पागल के आक्रमण से बचाने का पूरा अधिकार है। उसको गर्दन से पकडकर गेट के बाहर निकाल दो।” पर जब दूसरे लोगों की भावनाओं से खेलने का समय आता है तो मैं कमजोर महसूस करता हूँ और मैंने उसे बेवकूफी करने दी।

Word Meaning : Whisper-low voice = फुसफुसाना, Lunatic-mad = पागल, Ravages-toplunder = लूटना, Scruff-the back of neck = गर्दन के पीछे से।

12. He gave ……………………. place again.
उसने पेंच ढूँढने बंद कर दिए। उसने कहा कि पेंचों में मुड़ने की कुशलता होती है। जबकि तुम ऐसी आशा नही करते।।
अब वह चेन के बारे में देखेगा। उसने उसे तब तक कसा जब तक वह हिलनी बंद नहीं हो गई. आगे उसने उसे इतना ढीला कर दिया जैसे कि पहले से दुगनी ढीली हो गई। तब उसने कहा कि हमें अगला पहिया सही जगह वापस रखने के बारे में सोचना चाहिए।

Word Meaninng : Knack-dexterity = कुशलता, Expected-to hope for = आशा।

13. I held ………………….. changed places. At length ……………………… out laughing.
मैंने चिमटे को खोला और वह पहिए के बारे में फिक्र करने लगा। दस मिनट के आखिर में मैंने सुझाव दिया कि वह चिमटा पकड़े और मैं पहिए को पकडूंगा, और हमने अपने स्थान बदले। आखिर में हमने उसे सही जगह पर रखा और जिस पल वह सही जगह पर आया तब वह जोर से हँसने लगा।

Word Meaning : Suggested-to give your opinion = सुझाव।

14. I said ……………………………. the path.
मैंने कहा, “यह क्या मजाक है ?” उसने कहा, “ठीक है, मैं एक गधा हूँ।” पहली बार इन शब्दों ने मेरे मन में उसके लिए इज्जत पैदा की। मैंने पूछा कि उसकी इस खोज का क्या कारण था।
उसके कहा, “हम गोलियों को भूल गए।”, मैंने अपनी टोपी ढूंढी वह रास्ते में उलटी-पुलटी पड़ी थी।

Word Meaning : Ass-donkey = गधा, Respect-Honour = इज्जत, Topsy-Turvy-upside down = उल्टा पुल्टा।

15. He was …………………. to providence.” We found ……………………….. the present.
वह खुश मनोवृत्ति का था। उसने कहा, “ठीक है, हम जो भी ढूँढ सकते हैं उन्हें रखते हैं और दूरदर्शिता पर विश्वास रखते हैं।”
हमने ग्यारह पा लिए। हमने छ: को एक तरफ और पाँच को | दूसरी तरफ लगा दिया, और आधे घंटे बाद पहिया सही जगह पर रखा गया। यह कहना जरूरी नहीं था कि वास्तव में वह अब हिल रहा था, एक बच्चा भी शायद देख सकता था। उसने कहा कि वर्तमान के लिए यही सही रहेगा।

Word Meaning : Disposition-temper = मनोवृत्ति, providence-foresight = दूरदर्शिता. Noticeobserve = ध्यान देना।

16. I said …………………………… me good.” मैंने कहा, “तुम्हें ऐसा करते देखना मेरे लिए बहुत उपयोगी होगा। यह सिर्फ तुम्हारी कला नहीं है जो मुझे आकर्षित करती है
यह तुम्हारा अटूट आत्म विश्वास, तुम्हारी अव्याख्यायित आशावादिता मुझे अच्छी लगती है।”

Word Meaning : Skill-art = कला, Inexplicable-which can’t be explained = जिसकी व्याख्या न की जा सके, अव्याख्यायित Fascinates-attracts = आकृर्षित, Hopefulness-withhope = आशावादिता।

17. Thus encouraged ……………. his head.
तब प्रोत्साहित होकर वह गियर को फिर से सही स्थान पर लगाने लगा। उसने साइकल को घर के साथ सहारा देकर दूसरी तरफ से काम करना शुरू किया। तब उसने उससे पेड़ के साथ खड़ा किया और फिर उस तरफ से काम करना आरंभ किया। फिर . मैंने उसके लिए पकड़ा, जबकि वह अपना सिर पहियों के बीच दबाकर धरती पर लेट रहा। और नीचे की तरफ से काम करते हुए | उससे अपने ऊपर गिरा दिया। तब उसने मुझसे ले लिया, और जब | तक उसने अपना संयम नहीं खोया जब तक कि उसके सिर के ऊपर गिर नहीं गई।

Word Meaning : Encouraged-to encourage = प्रोत्साहन, Refix-to fix = दुबारा से जोड़ना, Balance-to manage in right manner = संयम, Slid-to slip = फिसलना।

18. Then he …………………………. on him. तब वह उत्तेजित हो गया और दबंग बनने की कोशिश कर रहा था। मैं देखकर खुश था कि साइकिल वही भाव दिखा रही थी। बाद की विधि उसमें और मशीन के बीच की लड़ाई में पतित हो रही थी। एक पल में साइकिल अकड़पूर्वक रास्ते पर होती और वह उसके ऊपर अपने आप को पाता। अगले पल स्थिति उल्टी हो जाती। वह कंकड़ भरे रास्ते पर होता और साइकिल उसके ऊपर।

Word Meaning : Temper-disposition = संयम, Bullying-a tyrant = दबंग, Spirit-feeling = भावना, Subsequent-one after other = एक के बाद एक, Degenerated-corrupt = पतित होना।

19. Now he ……………………… its handles.
अब वह जीत के उल्लास से भरपूर अपनी टाँगों के बीच में साइकिल को फँसा कर खड़ा हुआ होता। पर उसकी जीत कुछ ही पल की होती। अचानक एकदम तीव्र गति से वह अपने आप को आजाद कर देता, और तेजी से मुड़ते हुए एक हैन्डल से उसे मार देता।
Word Meaning: Flushed-rash of emotions = प्रफुल्लता, Victory to win = जीत, Triumphvictroy = जीत।

20. At a ……………………………… his brow. The bicycle …………………….. him home. पौने एक बजे, मैला-कुचैला और फूहड़, कटा हुआ और खून से लथपथ उसने कहा, “मैं सोचता हूँ कि चलेगा” और अपनी भौंह को साफ करते हुए उठा।

ऐसा लगा जैसे कि साइकिल भी बहुत सहन कर चुकी थी। यह कहना मुश्किल था कि ज्यादा सजा किसे मिली थी। मैं उसे पिछवाड़े में रसोई में ले गया, जहाँ तक हो सकता था उसने अपने आप को साफ किया। तब मैंने उसे घर भेज दिया।

Word Meaning : Quarter-One fourth = पौना, Dishevelled–with disordered hair = फूहड़, Wiped-to clean = साफ करना, Punishment-to punish = सजा, Brow-arch of hair over eye = भौंह।

A Bicycle in Good Repair Summary in English

The author’s friend and author decided to go for a bicycle ride together. The author made an effort. He got up early butin vain. When his friend turned up, he took to repairing of the machine. He took out the front wheel and started shaking it. The author was surprised. His friend took out the wheel and unscrewed all the screws. The authors put the screws in his hat for safety. Next he took off the gear case. I wished to stop him from doing all this but being weak I could not do so.

He could not find all the screws and then began lightening the chain. Next he loosened it. Having no other option, I held the fork open The whole scene had turned into a joke. All the screws had gone topsy-nervy. We had been able to find only eleven screws.

Then he set to refix the gear case. To do so he stood the bicycle against the house. Many times he tried to balance but lost the balance. He lost his temper. There was fight between him and the bicycle. He behaved as if he had been victorious. Both his friend and bicycle had been badly injured. I then send him home.

HBSE 7th Class English Solutions Honeycomb Chapter 9 A Bicycle in Good Repair

A Bicycle in Good Repair Summary in Hindi

लेखक का दोस्त और लेखक ने साइकिल की सवारी पर जाने की सोची। लेखक ने कोशिश की। वह जल्दी उठा पर असफल। जब उसका दोस्त आयम, तो उसने मशीन की मरम्मत शुरू की। उसने आगे का पहिया निकाला और हिलाने लगा। लेखक हैरान हो गया। उसके दोस्त ने पहिया निकाला और सारे पेंच खोल दिए। लेखक ने पेंच सुरक्षा के लिए टोपी में रख दिए। उसके बाद उसने गियर केस निकाला। मैं उसको रोकना चाहता था पर कमजोरी के कारण मैं ऐसा न कर सका।

वह सारे पेंच ढूँढ न सका और चेन को कसने लगा। फिर उसने पेंच खोल दिए। और कोई चारा न देखते हुए मैंने चिमटा खोल दिया। सारा दृश्य मजाक लग रहा था। सारे पेंच उल्टे-पुल्टे हो गए। हमें सिर्फ ग्यारह पेंच मिले।

तब उसने गियर केस को दुबारा से कसा। ऐसा करने के लिए उसने साइकिल को घर के साथ खड़ा किया। कई बार उसने संयम कायम करने की कोशिश की पर असफल रहा। उसे गुस्सा आया। उसके और साइकिल के बीच में युद्ध हुआ। उसने ऐसा दर्शाया जैसे कि उसकी जीत हुई हो। दोनों उसका दोस्त और साइकिल जख्मी हो गए। मैंने फिर उसे घर भेज दिया।

HBSE 7th Class English Solutions

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