HBSE 6th Class English Solutions Honeysuckle Poem 8 What if

Haryana State Board HBSE 6th Class English Solutions Honeysuckle Poem 8 What if Textbook Exercise Questions and Answers.

Haryana Board 6th Class English Solutions Honeysuckle Poem 8 What if

HBSE 6th Class English What if Textbook Questions and Answers

Question 1.
(i) Who is the speaker in the poem?
Shel Silverstein is the speaker in the poem.

(ii) With your partner list out the happenings the speaker is worried about.
The speaker is worried about the following main happenings.

  • If he becomes dumb at school.
  • If the swimming pool is closed.
  • If he fails.
  • If everybody dislikes him.
  • If the fish doesn’t bite the bait.
  • If his kite and pants are torn.
  • If his parents get divorced.

(iii) Why do you think she/he has these worries? Can you think of ways to get rid of such worries?

  • He should try to mix up with the teachers more and more.
  • He should go to some other swimming pool.
  • He should work hard.
  • He should behave properly with others.
  • He should buy fish from the market.
  • He should buy another kite and get his pants mended.
  • He should try to bring his parents together.

Question 2.
Read the following line :
Some Whatifs crawled inside my ear Can words crawl into your ear? This is an image. The poet is trying to make an image of what she/he experiences. Now with your partner try and list out some more images from the poem.
The following is the list of some more images from the poem :

  • pranced and partied.
  • sang their song.
  • green hair growing on chest.
  • head starts getting smaller.
  • Teeth don’t grow in.
  • everything seems to swell.
  • night time strikes again.

HBSE 6th Class English Solutions Honeysuckle Poem 8 What if

Question 3.
In groups of four discuss some more ‘whatifs’ that you experience in your day to day life and list them out.
(i) __________________
(ii) __________________
(iii) __________________
(iv) __________________
(v) __________________
(vi) __________________
(vii) __________________
(viii) __________________
And now write a poem of five or six lines with the ‘whatifs’ that you have listed.
1. Whatif the earthquake comes at dawn.
Everybody will come down in the lawn.

2. Whatif the lights go and it becomes dark.
The children will cry and dogs will bark.

3. Whatif my cycle gets punctured on the way.
I shall go to the park and enjoy the whole day.

4. Whatif your own friends cheat you
First I will beat them and then beat you

5. Whatif your brother palls your ear
I’ll bite him without any fear.

6. Whatif it doesn’t rain this year?
I can clothing, I shall only bear.

7. What if I fail in the test?
Next time I shall try to do the best

8. What if I lose my purse?
There will be none for me to curse.

HBSE 6th Class English What if Important Questions and Answers

Question 1.
Are there times when your mind fills with fear? Have you ever thought, “Whatif something dangerous happens to me or the people around me? ”
Yes, there are many times when my mind is filled with fear. Human mind is full of fancies. I am also not free from whims. Many a time I have thought what would I do if something happens to me or around me.
(Such happenings are incidents of looting, kidnapping, terrorism, earthquake etc.)

Question 2.
What happens when somebody goes to the bed thinking something?
One should try to make his mind free from thoughts and tension before going to bed. But it is not in one’s power. Different types of thoughts haunt one’s brain at night. His sleep is disturbed. He has to spend the night restlessly.

HBSE 6th Class English Solutions Honeysuckle Poem 8 What if

Question 3.
The poet thinks of all the possible negative happenings.
(a) Can you make a list about happenings, that on occurrence could have a negative impact on the life of people?

  • if he is dumb in school
  • if he gets beaten up
  • if there is poison in his cup
  • if nobody likes him
  • if he doesn’t grow taller
  • if his head starts getting smaller
  • if his parents get divorced.
  • if his teeth doesn’t grow straight (you may add your own answers).

(b) What does this highlight about thoughts of mankind?
The thoughts of mankind served around negative aspects of life. They keep thinking about things that have never happened or are less likely to occur. We do not think about the present situation but get an undiscovered future.

What if Poem Stanzas for Comprehension

Question 1.
Last night, while I lay thinking here,
Some Whatifs crawled inside my ear
And pranced and partied all night long
And sang their same old Whatif song;
(i) What was the poet doing last night?
(ii) What came to the poet?
(iii) Give the rhyming words in the stanza.
(i) The poet was lying last night in his bed.
(ii) Some whatifs came to the poet.
(iii) here-ear long-song

Question 2.
Whatif I’m dumb in school?
Whatif they’ve closed the swimming-pool?
Whatif I get beat up?
Whatif there’s poison in my cup? Whatif I start to cry?
Whatif I get sick and die?
(i) What is the poet’s worst worry?
(ii) What can poison in the cup cause?
(iii) Give the rhyming words in the above stanza.
(i) The poet’s worst worry is to get sick and die.
(ii) Poison in the cup can cause death.
(iii) school-pool up-cup cry-die.

Question 3.
Whatif I flunk that test?
Whatif green hair grows on my chest? Whatif nobody likes me?
Whatif a bolt of lightning strikes me? Whatif I don’t grow taller?
Whatif my head starts getting smaller?
Questions :
(i) Does the poet want to fail in the test?
(ii) Does he like to be disliked by everybody?
(iii) Give the rhyming words in the above stanza.
Answers :
(i) No, he is afraid of failing in the test.
(ii) No, he does not like to be disliked by anybody.
(iii) test – chest me – we taller – smaller.

HBSE 6th Class English Solutions Honeysuckle Poem 8 What if

Question 4.
What if the fish won’t bite?
What if the wind tears up my kite? What if they start a war?
What if my parents get divorced? What if the bus is late?
What if my teeth don’t grow in straight?
Questions :
(i) What would happen if the fish doesn’t bite?
(ii) What is the biggest problem for the poet?
(iii) Give the rhyming words in the above stanza.
Answers :
(i) If the fish doesn’t bite (the bait), it won’t come out.
(ii) Legal separation of parents is the biggest problem for the poet.
(iii) bite-kite late – straight.

What if Poem Translation in Hindi

“What if the ………….. “Whatifs”.
“क्या होगा यदि पृथ्वी, सूर्य के चारों ओर घूमना छोड़ दे?”
“क्या हो जाएगा यदि, सूर्य प्रातः नहीं उदय हो?”
यह कविता इसी प्रकार की “यदि वाली” कुछ बातों की चर्चा करती है।

Word-Meanings – Revolving-circling, चक्कर लगाना। Around-on all sides, सभी तरफ।

1. Last night, …………… Whatif song : पिछली रात, जब मैं विचारों में डूबा हुआ यहाँ पड़ा था, तो मेरे कानों में कुछ ‘यदि वाले ‘ प्रश्न गूँजने लगे
और वे रात-भर कूद-फांदते (जश्न मनाते) रहे
और अपना पुरानी ‘यदि वाला’ वही गीत अलापते रहे।

Word-Meanings-While-during the time, जबकि Lay-was lying, लेटा हुआ था। Crawledcreeped, रेंगते हुए आए। Pranced-jumped/danced happily, sprang up on hind legs, कूदना-फाँदना। Partied-enjoyed, आनंद मनाना।

2. Whatif I’m ………….. to cry?
क्या होगा यदि मैं स्कूल में बोल नहीं पाऊँगा
(या कुछ काम नहीं कर पाऊँगा)?
क्या होगा यदि तरण-ताल को बंद कर देंगे?
क्या होगा यदि मेरी पिटाई हो जाएगी?
क्या होगा यदि मेरे कप में जहर डाल दिया जाएगा?
क्या होगा यदि मैं चीखना-चिल्लाना शुरू कर दूँगा?

Word-Meanings-Dumb-unable to talk or do tasks, बात करने या काम करने के अयोग्य। Closedshut down for ever, सदा के लिए बंद करना। Poisonvenom, विष। Cry-to shout, चीखना-चिल्लाना।

3. Whatif I …………… likes me ?
क्या होगा यदि मैं बीमार हो जाता हूँ और मर जाता हूँ?
क्या होगा यदि मैं उस परीक्षा में फेल हो जाता हूँ?
क्या होगा यदि मेरी छाती पर हरे बाल उग जाऐंगे?
क्या होगा यदि मुझे कोई पसंद नहीं करेगा?
Word-Meanings-Sick-ill, बीमार। Flunkfail, निष्फल होना। Likes-appreciates, पसंद करना।

4. Whatif a bolt ………….. up my kite ?
क्या होगा यदि बिजली मुझ पर गिर जाती है?
क्या होगा यदि में लंबा नहीं हो पाता हूँ?
क्या होगा यदि मेरा सिर छोटा होने लग जाता है?
क्या होगा यदि मछली अपने चारे को नहीं खाती है?
क्या होगा यदि हवा मेरे पतंग को फाड़ देती है?
Word-Meanings-Bolt-thunder bolt, वज्ञ Lightning-electric flash in the clouds, तड़ित, बादलों से प्राप्त बिजली। Strikes-hits, प्रारा करना। Tears updamages, फाड़ देना।

5. Whatif they in straight?
क्या होगा यदि शत्रु युद्ध छेड़ दें?
क्या होगा यदि मेरे माता-पिता तलाक ले लेते हैं?
क्या होगा यदि बस देरी से आएगी?
क्या होगा यदि मेरे दाँत सीधे नहीं बढ़ेंगे?
Word-Meanings-War-battle, यु द्ध। Divorced-legal separation, तलाक ले ना। Straight-without bends / curves, सीधे।

6. Whatif I …………. strikes again!
क्या होगा यदि मेरी पैंट फट जाए?
क्या होगा यदि मैं कभी भी नाचना नहीं सीख पाऊँगा?
प्रत्येक बात गर्वीली लगती है फिर भी
क्या होगा यदि रात को दोबारा वही ‘यदिवाली’ बातें
मुझे परेशान करने लगे।

What if Poem Summary in English

What will happen if the sun stops revolving and rising?
While lying on bed, the poet thought what would happen….

  1. if he fails to speak or do his hometask?
  2. if the swimming pool is closed?
  3. if he is beaten?
  4. if his drink is mixed with poison?
  5. if he starts crying?
  6. if he falls ill and dies?
  7. if he fails in the test?
  8. if green hair grows on his chest?
  9. if everybody hates him?
  10. if he gets struck with lightning?
  11. if he remains dwarfish?
  12. if his head starts shrinking?
  13. if the fish doesn’t bite (the bait)?
  14. if the wind damages his kite?
  15. if the war is started?
  16. if his parents get separated?
  17. if the bus gets late?
  18. if his teeth grow curved?
  19. if his pants are torn?
  20. if he is unable to dance?

All of the above things look rubbish. The poet prays that such a night should not strike his brain again!

HBSE 6th Class English Solutions Honeysuckle Poem 8 What if

What if Poem Summary in Hindi

क्या होगा, यदि सूर्य घूमना और उदय होना छोड़ दे?
पलंग पर लेटे हुए कवि ने सोचा कि क्या होगा-

  1. यदि वह बोल नहीं पाए या अपना गृहकार्य नहीं कर पाए?
  2. यदि तरण-ताल को बंद कर दिया जाए?
  3. उदि उसकी कस कर पिटाई हो जाए?
  4. यदि उसके पेय पदार्थों में जहर मिला दिया जाए?
  5. यदि वह चिल्लाना शुरू कर दे?
  6. यदि वह बीमार हो जाए और उसकी मृत्यु हो जाए?
  7. यदि वह परीक्षा में फेल हो जाए?
  8. यदि उसकी छाती पर हरे बाल उग जाएँ?
  9. यदि सभी उससे घृणा करने लगें?
  10. यदि उसके ऊपर बिजली गिर जाए?
  11. यदि वह बौना रह जाए?
  12. यदि उस का सिर (दिमाग) सिकुड़ने लगे?
  13. यदि मछलियाँ चारे को नहीं खाएँ?
  14. यदि उसके पतंग को हवा फाड़ दे?
  15. यदि युद्ध छिड़ जाए?
  16. यदि उसके माता पिता का संबंध विच्छेद हो जाए?
  17. यदि बस के आने में देरी हो जाए?
  18. यदि उसके दाँत टेढ़े-मेढ़े जन्मे।
  19. यदि उसकी पतलून फट जाए?
  20. यदि नाचने में वह असमर्थ हो जाए?

ऊपर दी गई सभी बातें बकवास लगती हैं। कवि प्रार्थना करता है कि वैसी रात दोबारा उसके दिमाग को परेशान न करें!

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