HBSE 10th Class English Interview Writing

Haryana State Board HBSE 10th Class English Solutions Interview Writing Exercise Questions and Answers.

Haryana Board 10th Class English Interview Writing

1. Your name is Sameer and you have applied for the post of a Teacher. Prepare an imaginary interview (questions and answers) for this purpose.

The Candidate’s name is called and he enters the Chairman’s office.
Candidate : Good Morning, Sir.
Chairman : Good Morning, Mr Sameer. Please sit down.
Candidate : Thank you, Sir.
Chairman : Mr Sameer tell me about yourself.
Candidate : I am 21 years old. I have passed my B.A. from Kurukshetra University and B.Ed from M.D.University, Rohtak.
Chairman : Good. Mr Sameer, you have a very good record upto your B.A. But in your B.Ed examination you have not done well. What is the reason?
Candidate : Sir, I fell seriously ill during my B.Ed. examination. So I did not get good marks.
Chairman : Why do you want to become a teacher?
Candidate : Sir, teaching is a noble profession. This is my aim in life to be a teacher. So I have applied for this job.
Chairman : Good. What should be qualities of a good teacher, apart from a good academic record.
Candidate : Sir, I feel that a teacher should have a good moral character. He should have love for learning and teaching. He should set a good example before his students.
Chairman : Mr Sameer, are you in favour of corporal punishment to students?
Candidate : No Sir, I am not in favour of body punishment to students. I believe that a teacher should reform naughty students with love and affection.
Chairman : Very well, Mr Sameer. We shall inform you about the result of your interview to you by post.
Candidate : Thank you, Sir. (he comes out)

HBSE 10th Class English Interview Writing

2. Mr Rupesh Kumar has applied for a loan to the Punjab National Bank. The Manager has called him for an interview with him about this loan. Prepare this imaginary interview between Mr Sangwan and The Bank Manager.

Rupesh Kumar, entering the Manager’s office : Good Morning, Sir.
Manager : Good morning. How can I help you?
Rupesh Kumar : Sir, I am Rupesh Kumar. You have called me for an interview about my loan application.
Manager : Oh, I see. Please sit down.
Rupesh Kumar : Thank you, Sir.
The Manager takes out a file from his drawer, looks at the application of Rupesh Kumar.
Manager : So, you want to take loan for the purchase of a tractor.
Rupesh Kumar : Yes Sir.
Manager : For this purpose, you will have to mortgage some property and also give us two guarantors.
Rupesh Kumar : Yes Sir. I have 50 acres of land. Out of this I have mortgaged 20 acres to the bank. Here are the mortgage papers (hands over the papers to the manager).
Manager : Good. And what about the two guarantors?
Rupesh Kumar : Sir, I have arranged that also.
Manager : Good. Please come to my office next Monday at 10 a.m. Bring the two guarantors also with you. They will to sign the papers in my presence. Also bring two blank cheques with you.
Rupesh Kumar : Thank you, Sir. (comes out)

3. Mr Prakash Singh is a Life Insurance Agent. He has telephoned Mr . Ram Thakur, a central government employee to whbm he wants to sell a life insurance policy. Mr Thakur has invited Mr Singh to his house to interview him about the details of the insurance policy. Write this interview.

Prakash Singh : (Shaking hands). I am Prakash Singh from the LIC. How do you do?
Mr Thakur : Fine, thank you. Have a seat.
Prakash Singh : Thanks. I believe you are interested in taking an insurance policy.
Mr Thakur : Yes.
Prakash Singh : Mr Thakur, before I advise you on the policy, I need to know a few details about you.
Mr Thakur : What do you want to know?
Prakash Singh : Can you tell me about your family ?
Mr Thakur : Of course. Besides my wife and me, we have two children in the family. My daughter is 12 years old. She is in class 7.My son is nine years old. He is in class 4.
Prakash Singh : Is your wife also employed?
Mr Thakur : No, she is a housewife.
Prakash Singh : It means that you are the only earning member of your family. Do you have any other policy?
Mr Thakur : Yes, I already have one policy in which my wife is the nominee. Now I want to have one more policy, so that I will have money at the time of my daughter’s marriage.
Prakash Singh : It is good. I have a good policy. I will leave all the details of the policy with you. Please go through these papers and if you like the policy, you may contact me on the telephone.
Mr Thakur : Very well. Please contact me after one week. By that time, I will study the papers concerning the policy.
Prakash Singh : (shaking hands). It suits me. (comes out)

HBSE 10th Class English Interview Writing

4. Your name is Sandeep Singh. You have applied for the post of an engineer. You have been called to appear for an interview. Write that imaginary interview.

Sandeep Singh (entering the office): Good morning, Sir.
Chairman : Good morning, please sit down.
Sandeep Singh (taking the seat) : Thank you, Sir.
Sandeep Singh : Tell me about yourself.
Chairman : I am twenty-two years old. I have done my B.Tech from ITM College, Gurugram. In which year did you pass your B.Tech?
Sandeep Singh : In 2007.
Chairman : Have you worked somewhere earlier?
Sandeep Singh : I worked for three years in Satyam Computers Ltd.
Chairman : Why did you leave that job ?
Sandeep Singh : Sir, as everyone knows, Satyam crashed because of frauds and irregularities. I could not continue working in such a company and so I have left it.
Chairman : I have gone through your records. I think you will suit our company. How much salary would you expect from us?
Sandeep Singh : Sir, I was drawing a salary of Rs 45 thousand per month in Satyam. I am prepared to work at the same salary.
Chairman : Good. The whole board will think over the matter and we will inform you telephonically by tomorrow morning.
Sandeep Singh : Thank you, Sir. (comes out)

5. Suppose your name is Naveen Dutta. You have applied for an Agency for Deepak Books. The Managing Director of Deepak Books has called you for an interview so that he can decide about the matter. Write down this imaginary interview.

Naveen Dutta (entering the office). Good morning, Sir.

Managing Director (offering him a chair) : Please have a seat.

Naveen Dutta : Thank you, Sir.

Managing Director : I see that you wish to take an agency of Deepak Books in Kamal. We already have three agencies. Why do you think that another agency will be successful? Sir, By God’s grace, the sale of Deepak Books and other books of this group of publications is very brisk. I think I can increase the sale of your books many times by taking an agency.

Naveen Dutta : Which areas you wish to cover by taking an agency?

Managing Director : I will cover Prem Nagar, Char Chaman, Railway Road, Hansi Chowk and the surrounding areas.

Naveen Dutta : Please tell me something about yourself.

Managing Director : Our family has been in the books business for the last one hundred years. The grandfather of my grandfather had books business in Lahore. After partition we came to India where my grandfather set up books business on the Railway Road. We are very famous and have good credit.

Naveen Dutta : For the agency purpose, you must have a big godown and your own vehicles. We have four godowns of one thousand square feet each. I have two pick up trucks, one mini truck and two cars.

Managing Director : You will have to deposit Rs. Five lakhs as a security. If you want to have an agency for Dev Jyoti Children books, then you will have to deposit an additional security of Rs. Two lakhs.

Naveen Dutta : I am prepared to deposit the security.

Managing Director : Good. The agency is hereby allotted to you. Please come tomorrow at 10 a.m. Bring the bank draft for the security. Please meet my manager, Mr Wadhwa. He will get the formalities completed and he will start supplying the books to you.

Naveen Dutta : Thank you, Sir. (comes out)

HBSE 10th Class English Interview Writing

Practice Questions For Interviews:

1. Your name is Kanwaljit Singh. You have applied for the post of an accountant to M/S Jyoti Book Depot, Jalandhar. Prepare an imaginary interview for this post.

2. Miss Roopa Ganguli has applied to Miss Ekta Kapoor for a role in a serial made by her company, M/S Balaji Communications Pvt. Ltd. Write down that imaginary interview.

3. You have applied for study loan to the HDFC bank. The manager has called you for an interview to know about your needs. Write down that interview.

4. You are the Chief Minister of Haryana. You have announced a new scheme for the benefit of old persons. The reporter of the Hindustan Times visits your office for an interview to be published in his newspaper. Write down that interview.

5. Sachin Tendulkar has become the World’s first batsman to get 200 runs in a one-day match. As the reporter of The Tribune visit him and interview him. Write down that imaginary interview. Ask him about his background, his love for cricket, his family and his future plans.

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