HBSE 10th Class English Dialogue Writing

Haryana State Board HBSE 10th Class English Solutions Dialogue Writing Exercise Questions and Answers.

Haryana Board 10th Class English Dialogue Writing

Exercise 1

Suppose Ram has just come out of the Examination Hall after finishing his paper. Another examinee named Sham has also come out. They talk to each about their examination. Write down their conversation.

Ram : How have you done your paper?
Sham : I have done my paper well.
Ram : Is the paper easy?
Sham : It is not so easy.
Ram : Which question is difficult?
Sham : Question No. IV is rather difficult.
Ram : Is your answer to this question to the point ?
Sham : I think my answer to this question is also to the point.
Ram : From where is the question set?
Sham : The question is set from Chapter II of the book.
Ram : Which question is confusing?
Sham: Question on ‘Fill in the blanks’ is confusing.
Ram : What do you think about these two questions?
Sham : These two questions are out of the prescribed course.
Ram : What type of answers did you give to these questions?
Sham : I gave rather poor answers to these questions.
Ram : Are you satisfied with the answers you gave?
Sham : On the whole, I am satisfied with the answers I gave.

HBSE 10th Class English Dialogue Writing

Exercise 2

Imagine that you went to the railway station to see off a friend. Your brother wanted to know what you saw there. Write the conversation between you and your brother.

Brother : Why did you go to the station?
You : I went to see off a friend.
Brother : How did you go there?
You : We went there in a taxi.
Brother : Was there rush at the booking-window?
You : Yes, there was a great rush at the booking-window.
Brother : Was there rush on the platform also?
You : There was a great rush on the platform also.
Brother : What were people doing at the platform ?
You : People were walking up and down the platform.
Brother : What were the porters doing ?
You : The porters were moving to and fro.
Brother : How long had you to wait ?
You : We had to wait for only ten minutes.
Brother : Did the train arrive on time ?
You : Yes, the train arrived on time.
Brother : When did you come back ?
You : I came back after the departure of the train

Exercise 3

Suppose your friend Sumit was travelling in a bus and his pocket was picked. His father wants to know about it. Write down the conversation between Sumit and his father.

Sumit’s father :Where was the money ?
Sumit : The money was in the purse.
Sumit’s father : How much money was there in the purse ?
Sumit : Five hundred rupees were in the purse.
Sumit’s father : Where did you put the purse?
Sumit : I put it in the inner pocket of my coat.
Sumit’s father : When did you find your pocket picked ?
Sumit : When I got down from the bus 1 found my pocket picked.
Sumit’s father : Did you inform the police ?
Sumit : Yes, I informed the police.
Sumit’s father : What did they say ?
Sumit : They said, they would try to find out the pick pocket.
Sumit’s father : How did you come home ?
Sumit : I came home in a taxi.
Sumit’s father : Do you know who travelled with you ?
Sumit ’ : No, I do not know anyone who travelled with me.
Sumit’s father : Have you any hope of getting the money back ?
Sumit : No, I have no hope of getting the money back.
Sumit’s father : Do you blame anybody for the loss?
Sumit : No, I don’t blame anybody for the loss.

HBSE 10th Class English Dialogue Writing

Exercise 4

Imagine Rahul attended the Prize Distribution Function of his school. His friend Shubham wants to know about it. Write down the conversation between Rahul and Shubham.

Shubham : When did the Prize Distribution Function come off?
Rahul : The Prize Distribution Function came off December.
Shubham : Who presided over the function ?
Rahul : The Education Minister presided over the function.
Shubham : Where was he received ?
Rahul : He was received at the gate.
Shubham : Who sang a welcome song ?
Rahul : Some students sang a welcome song.
Shubham : Was the pandal full?
Rahul : Yes, the pandal was full.
Shubham : What did the Headmaster do at first ?
Rahul : At first, the Headmaster read the annual report.
Shubham : Who gave away the prizes ?
Rahul : The Education Minister gave away the prizes.
Shubham : What kind of speech did he make ?
Rahul : He made a short speech.
Shubham : What did he say to the prize-winners ?
Rahul : He congratulated the prize-winners.
Shubham : How many prizes did you get ?
Rahul : I got four prizes.

Exercise 5

Suppose Abhishek has English friend named Johnson who visited him and wanted to know about the Jama Masjid. Write down the conversation between Johnson and Abhishek.

Johnson : Where is Jama Masjid situated ?
Abhishek : It is situated in Delhi.
Johnson : Who built it ?
Abhishek : It was built by Shahjahan.
Johnson : Which great building does it face ?
Abhishek : It faces the Red Fort.
Johnson : On how many sides do we see steps ?
Abhishek : We see steps on its three sides
Johnson : How long did it take to complete it ?
Abhishek : It was completed in six years.
Johnson : From where do the people visit it ?
Abhishek : It is visited by the people from far and wide.
Johnson : Who prays in the Jama Masjid ?
Abhishek : The Muslims pray in it.

HBSE 10th Class English Dialogue Writing

Exercise 6

Imagine your brother met with an accident You went to see him in the hospital. Your friend, Ankit, wants to know about his condition. Write down the conversation between you and Ankit Ankit ; Why did you go to the Civil Hospital?

You : I went to the C vil Hospital to see my brother.
Ankit : What happened to him?
You : He had met with an accident.
Ankit : Was any of his limbs broken?
You : Yes, his left arm was broken.
Ankit : How was he carried to the hospital ?
You : He was carried in an ambulance.
Ankit : How was his arm ?
You : His arm had been plastered.
Ankit : How long will he remain in the hospital ?
You : He will remain for two days in the hospital.
Ankit : Who will look after him?
You : My mother will look after him.
Ankit : When will you go there again ? .
You : I shall go there in the evening.
Ankit : Will you take me with you ?
You : Yes, I shall take you with me.
Ankit : How long will it take him to recover ?
You : He will recover in two months.

HBSE 10th Class English Dialogue Writing

Practice Questions For Conversation:

1. Suppose a friend of yours wants to know about your school library. Write down the conversation between you and your friend.

2. Imagine that you went on tour during the holidays. A friend of yours wanted to know all about your tour. Write down this imaginary conversation.

3. Suppose you go to bus stand to enquire about the bus timings from Ludhiana to Chandigarh. Write down the conversation between you and the enquiry clerk.

4. Suppose you were to appear before the principal of a college for an interview. Write down this imaginary conversation between you and the principal.

5. Suppose you want to book train tickets in advance for going from Chandigarh to Hyderabad. You go the enquiry window to ask about the name of the train, the train fare and other details. Write down this imaginary conversation between you and the enquiry clerk.

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