HBSE 9th Class English Poster Making

Haryana State Board HBSE 9th Class English Solutions Poster Making Exercise Questions and Answers.

Haryana Board 9th Class English Poster Making

What is a Poster?
A poster is a notice and an Advertisement, combined into one. A notice is generally displayed on a notice board or published in a newspaper. An advertisement is also published in a newspaper. A poster on the other hand, is generally displayed on walls. In some cases, a poster can be displayed on the notice board also. People read posters from a distance. Therefore, utmost care should be taken in preparing a poster. Its design and style should be attractive. It should be able to catch our attention at once. Colourful, attractive and stylish posters attract the attention of people and influence their minds. The following points should be kept in mind while designing/writing a poster.

HBSE Class 9 English Composition Poster Making

Hints for Designing a Poster

  • A good poster should be styled according to the subject matter of theme which its designer wants to convey.
  • The letters in a poster should be bold and attractive. The main theme or subject should be bolder in size than the rest of the poster.
  • The language should be brief but catchy and attractive.
  • The design should be striking and ornate.
  • All the basic details should be given, But the poster should be to the point. Do not beat about the bush in a poster.

Some Specimen Posters

Question 1.
On behalf of Swami Banwas Foundation, draft a poster announcing the organisation of a 10-day religious discourse and meditation camp and inviting people to visit the camp and win spiritual peace.

Good News For the People of Alwar
A Ten-Day Religious Discourse and
Meditation Camp Of
Swami Banwas Ji
will be held at
Sawai Maan Singh Polo Grounds
Alwar from
10th March to 19th March……..
from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m.

Special Attractions of the Camp:

    • Religious Discourses by Swami Banwas Ji.
    • Free Langar organised by Banwas Foundation for the gathering.
    • Meditation camp for four hours daily-to teach people how to get peace in this busy life.
    • Distribution of free blankets to the poor.

Come One :

Come All:
Swami Shradhanand
Banwas Meditation Centre.

HBSE Class 9 English Composition Poster Making

Question 2.
Design a poster for promoting the education of girls.
HBSE 9th Class English Message Writing -1

Question 3.
Design a poster to promote ‘Save Girl Child Campaign’.
HBSE 9th Class English Message Writing -2

Question 4.
Prepare a poster advising people not to take alcoholic drinks-illustrating the danger of consuming alcohol.
HBSE 9th Class English Message Writing -3

HBSE Class 9 English Composition Poster Making

Question 5.
Design a poster making people aware regarding ‘Road Safety Rules’.
HBSE 9th Class English Message Writing -4

Question 6.
Design a poster making people aware about Traffic Light
HBSE 9th Class English Message Writing -5

Exercise For Practice :

1. There is an exhibition of Rural arts and artefacts at the Surajkund Craft Centre, Faridabad. Design a poster inviting the people to visit the exhibition.

2. The Rotary Club, Panipat is going to organise a Diwali Mela two days before Diwali. Design a poster to announce it.

3. Gemini Circus has visited your town and will be there for ten days. Design a poster urging people to
enjoy the feats of circus performers.

4. A star Nite is being held in your city. A number of film stars from Mumbai will take part in the nite. This nite is being organised in aid of the victims of Tsunami. Draft a poster, asking people not to miss this opportunity of enjoyment.

HBSE Class 9 English Composition Poster Making

5. The Red Cross Society of Meerut is organising a blood donation camp at your school. Design a poster on its behalf urging people to donate blood.

6. You are running a health club cum gym in your city. Design a poster telling people the facilities at your health club.

7. JBD Samaj Kalyan Samiti, with the help of Medical Association, Kamal, is organising a free Eye Camp for those suffering from eye ailments. Design a poster announcing this camp.

8. You are the Director of the Intelligent Club, Jalandhar. Design a poster for a Quiz Contest which your club is going to hold.

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